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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Music Video Shoot: Night Two...

Happy Me

As you can see... I'm as happy as a peach. Don't ask me why peaches are happy, I've just heard that they are. I'd like to thank everyone who has helped in the making of the music video. I will name names at the end of this entry. Now to my favourite part... photos!

After seeing the photos for the first day, a friend of mine, Ez, complained that it was boring cuz there were no portraits. So Ez, here are a whole series of photographs inspired by your complaint!

Mien in action Clarice's Tunnel Two-faced John
Tao Blinded by Light Mien Me Joy Electric
Chin Hor Mind Warp Rosita & Naimah Clarice Joy
Disco Yan Tao at Work
Shab Thinks Rosita's Sorrow Yan's Gift
John Goh Shab Mien at work



• Mien, the creative mind behind the video. She rocks!
• Clarice, who produced and got everything organized. She rocks!
• Tao, the art director. What you see in the room is his creation. He rocks!
• John Goh, who lit and shot everything so wonderfully. He rocks!
• I Wei, assistant art director. She had a hand in beautifying the set. She rocks!
• Joy, who brought the character to life. She rocks!
• Yan, the second actress who acted on her birthday. She rocks!
• Shab, who assisted the production and helped out. She rocks!
• Mom, who never complained about the mess we made. She rocks!
• Chin Hor who pressed record for a spy-cam and carried heavy rocks. He rocks!
• Angie, who will spend precious time editing the whole video. She rocks!


• Red Head lights sponsored by KOMAS
• HMI lights, gels, monitor & tripod sponsored by Picture Creation Productions (Jon Yap)
• Panasonic DVX-102, filters & gels sponsored by Red Communications (Lina Tan)
• Standby camera and tripod sponsored by Chin Hor
• DV Cameras sponsored by Amy and Mien


• Most meals not sponsored by Tiam Fatt. But they get a mention for serving great tasting food and extremely speedy cooking methods
• Drinking water and snacks provided by mom


• Pig’s heart for only 70 sen from the SS2 market
• Aquarium sponsored by Jerry Soon
• Photography sponsored by Arxetures (Tan Chin Choy)
• Photos at discounted price from E-Six
• Old television sponsored by grandma
• Boxes courtesy of the Tan family
• Empty film canisters sponsored by a photo shop in Central Market
• Plants courtesy of the Tan family
• Comfortable mattress and pillows taken from the Tan residence

Monday, May 30, 2005

Music Video Shoot: Night One...


The video shoot for Drown With Me's music video began tonight. The preparations though, began weeks ago. Part of the preparation was to get some posters done and some photos taken. So the band finally got ourselves together and took some glamour shots, which you may catch a glimpse of in the following photos. We promise to put up the glam-shots in a gallery soon. The excitement and anticipation building up to tonight was exhiliarating. It is our first music video, and from the looks of it, it will be an edgy one.

Here are some photos from tonight, mostly of the Fallen Leaves Wall Shrine which is the feature wall in the main character's room.


IMG_8045 IMG_8078 IMG_8079


L-R: I Wei (Asst. Art Director), John Goh (Director of Photography), Tao (Art Director), Clarice (Producer), Joy (Lead Actress), Mien (Director).

Fallen Leaves would like to show our appreciation for the people involved in visualising Drown With Me and giving it a life beyond radio. We are extremely appreciative and grateful for them using their talents and not asking for anything back in return. These people make us happy!

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Drown With Me: Music Video: Synopsis

Here it is, straight from the e-mail of the director. Slightly controversial, but no need for worry, there's nothing explicit... mostly suggested.

DROWN WITH ME-synopsis

-try to keep up with these random thoughts and pictures – try listening to song at the same time- it will confuse u even more- exactly my point-

Band. Freeze frame. Picture. Put down picture. One wall covered totally of band pictures. Spy cam: she took her hand out of her shorts. Her face flushed. Must have been masturbating. Messy room. Empty aquarium like an altar. Embrace wall. Hit wall. Curse wall. Tear wall. burn pictures. Gather ashes. Put in pot. Cut pics. Sprinkle in aquarium water. Pot grows plant. Mini dump in aquariums: used undies, used condoms, used teddies, album cover, pig’s heart, eggs. She strip tease the plant. 2 cups of milo. Ashes mix in. She swallowed one. Flirt with plant in pot. Angry. She toss the other milo at the plant. Plant in aquarium. She stares at it. Save the plant. CPR. Just got messier. Plant uprooted on floor. Quite dead. She sleeps with it. (or die with it, we don't really know.)

End here.

Version 2 ending
Or with hope:
She opens door. See girl holding a pot. Look inside. A single seed in pot.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Act in Fallen Leaves debut music video!

Greetings earthlings!

Fallen Leaves will be making our first music video at the end of this month! Which happens to be May... just in case you only read this much later on.

We are looking for 2 female talents to act in our long overdue music video for Drown With Me. Please e-mail fallenleaves@gmail.com, or call me at 012 372 0588 if you are interested to be auditioned for the parts.

Please help forward this email to your friends whom you feel may be interested. Spread the word! We need to find the right people immediately so the director can start working with them.

Thank you so much!


Thursday, February 03, 2005

Frappin' in Melaka

Starbucks Music Series:
(Starbucks Melaka Opening Ceremony)

Venue: Starbucks Mahkota Parade
Date: 5th February 2005
Time: 6pm to 8pm
Performers: Fallen Leaves, Bed Sheet Wonders, Broken Scar

Yes... KLUE and Starbucks have done it again! They're bringing good music to the people who like sipping expensive coffee while surfing online on their laptops wirelessly. If you have no idea what I'm talking about... then head on over to Melaka this weekend!

We promise you that it'll be a performance to remember. For one, I won't be there to sing and flick my long hair around. Philip and Michael will be taking over singing duties. Secondly, we'll be joined by Sue from Her Reverie. We'll be doing some of her songs as well. Don't you just love collaborations?! I do!

The gig is called the Starbucks Music Series at Starbucks Mahkota Parade. Apparently, this gig is celebrating the opening of the first Starbucks outlet in Melaka. Hooray for globalization and cultural imperialism! What happened to hanging out at our good ol' kopitiams? Where coffee didn't cost the same as a scoop of Haagen Daz ice-cream and old men sit and chat about the degradation of our society. I better not say too much... or else they'd probably cancel our slot. Oh by the way, we still haven't gotten our Starbucks vouchers from our last performances at their outlets. If you know someone who works in management, please let them know.

Everyone... have a weekend roadtrip down to Melaka. There's no better time to do it! Below is a photograph taken with my trusty Canon Powershot G2 a few months ago of one of the spots you can visit while you're there. Melaka is a beautiful place and one of my favourites in Malaysia. The food is yummy too. The boys and Sue will treat you to dinner.


Sunday, January 30, 2005

Zildjian Crash or Hyundai Crash.

All drummers have to own a crash cymbal. Be it Zildjian, Sabian or Paiste bla bla bla.... But have you heard bout the Hyundai Crash? It has a unique sound. Unlike other crashes that goes "tssh" A hyundai crash sound like "BANG". And once hit, it's gone. And it cost a lot too. So save it for the best Song.

Not long ago, i crashed my Hyundai into a toyota Harrier. My car was terribly wrecked, but the harrier was in perfect shape accept that the farting paip came down. My bumpur's gone, my bonet's gone and my radiator blew. So i went to the police station and made a report and amazingly the police officers were very friendly! And guess what, they thought i was Andrew Tan from Malaysian Idol and when i told them i wasn't, they checked my name and they thought we were brothers as my surname is Tan as well.

A lesson to learn. Before heading to the police, my victim, as in the car i knock, her husband came over. And he was one arrogant man. Instead of asking for my hp number and my insurance company (as he wanted to claim from my insurance) he insisted for my Identification card. I told him you have no rights as a normal citizen to request for my IC. He pressed on and raised his voice. I gave him a sarcastic smile and said i'm not giving it to you. He went on saying what's with me and what is my problem not giving in to him. I said i'm going to the police station and they will do all the necessary things. Not you, cos you are not a government officer. So another man (foreman) stepped in and backed me up. So if anyone on the road asks for your ic, never ever give it to them. They don't have the rights to do so.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Fallen Leaves NEED a WEBSITE!!!

Fallen Leaves need, want, desire, long for, a striking, pretty, new, website.

Go to our forum powered by JamTank to read the full post. Feel free to contribute to the discussion there, or post a comment here.

Please be our new web designer and design our website. We promise to buy you presents every Christmas till you're 73. Upon your 73rd birthday, we'll buy your grandchildren presents instead. We'll save you the hassle of busting your aging brain thinking of what presents to buy.

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